August 10, 2013


Snoop Lion Virtual Joints Now Available for Just $99.99!

Joe Kohen
Joe Kohen

Snoop lion is arguably (well, not really arguably) the crowned king of chronic. And as technology changes with the times, so does the California rapper's merchandising of weed.

Allow us to introduce you to the new age of pot, courtesy of Snoop Lion: the virtual joint. The "Ashtrays and Heartbreaks" rapper is selling the "Golden Jay" on his photo app, Snoopify.

To explain exactly what the "Golden Jay" is, we must first explain the app:

Snoopify (available for iOS and Android), is a photo app which is used in conjunction with Instagram. But instead of the dreamy-haze, hipster filters Instagram provides, you get to filter images doggy-style.

According to the apps official website, Snoopify allows you to "Decorate your photos with never-before-seen graphics of Snoop, ranging from classic Snoop Dogg to Rasta-inspired Snoop Lion looks and phrases."

With the Snoop-themed filters, you can add Images of bling, purple drink, walrus hats and more to each of your awkward selfies before sharing them with pals on Facebook and Twitter.

And now you can further customize your Snoopirific experience by purchasing a virtual sticker of a virtual joint, the "Golden Jay," to place on your pics.

The Snoopify app is free, but unfortunately the "Golden Jay" is not. In fact, you have to be willing to drop down a cool $99.99 for the ability to place a cartoon joint emitting a rainbow fume with the subtitle "Dis is too much to handle!" on an Instagram pic.

But, naysayers beware, when Snoop's brand manager, Nick Adler, spoke to the Wall Street Journal's Digits Blog, he boasted that the imaginary spliff had been purchased 15 times in seven days.

"I was shocked," Adler said.

"But hey, this is a new world."

You can download Snoopify here. While you're at it, you can also shell out a Benjamin for an internet sticker. And remember, this is a judgement free zone...