August 28, 2013


Trent Reznor Wants to Direct a "Low-Brow Bro Comedy" Movie

Jonathan Leibson/WireImage
Jonathan Leibson/WireImage

Trent Reznor is a reliably unpredictable guy. From secretly reuniting Nine Inch Nails earlier this year to releasing out-of-left-field comeback LP  Hesitation Marks (streaming now!), to sharing his love for Kanye West, the rock singer and Oscar winner is always full of surprises.

The latest: Reznor wants to direct a new film. Which isn't a total shocker, as everyone in show business has ended a sentence with "but I really want to direct someday." But this is no ordinary affair for the moody industrial singer, who has scored acclaimed David Fincher films like The Social Network and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. No, sireeee: Rez wants to helm a film closer to Hans Moleman's immortal Man Getting Hit By Football.

"I love the idea of making films, and hopefully want to make one of my own someday," Reznor told SPIN. "I'm thinking a super low-brow bro comedy. I'm into nut humor." Macadamia, right?

"Seeing more about how Hollywood operates, you recognize that making movies is an economic calculation. If, by chance, a high-quality film comes out, that's good, but it's not about executing some great vision," Reznor said. "Working with someone as smart as David Fincher isn't normal."

Fortunately for Reznor, there's no shortage of investors interested in "nut humor." Someone needs to set him up with Rob Schneider ASAP.