August 25, 2013


Wanna Sample Two New Katy Perry Tracks?

Katy Perry has kept busy this month throwing out crumbs from her highly anticipated album, Prism, and now we have two more pieces for you to sample: clips from "Walking on Air" and "Dark Horse."

Katy Kat has mentioned that Prism would be darker than Teenage Dream and to fully prove it, put her blue-haired, candy-covered alter ego to rest—literally! 

But since then we've had a full taste of what Prism has to offer with the official release of first single, the infectious, feel-good anthem, "Roar."

While "Roar" is quite delicious, it's not exactly dark and is more inline with Teenage Dream's "Firework" and "Wide Awake" than, say, a moody Bon Iver album, like she had us thinking. 

"Dark Horse," like the title suggests, is a bit darker, but synths swoop in after the first verse to keep it from getting too deep—it's definitely still a true blue Katy track.

"Walking on Air," on the other hand, is a typical dance club rager—and, dare I say, pretty Gaga-esque. You can practically see the fist pumping and Red Bull vodka drinking its future holds.

We're not really sure where all the supposed darkness fits into the whole Prism picture, but we also don't really care.

Listening to Katy Perry songs is a lovely (and important) escape when our reality gets bogged down with, well, reality—and we wouldn't really want it any other way.