Music has long influenced up-and-coming designers, and on Thursday, September 5, proof of that sashayed down the New York runway. The Art Institute of New York City created a one-of-a-kind opportunity for new designers. Ten talented Ai students and alums showed their designs during one of the most prestigious events in the industry: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. To see the influence of music on full display, watch Ai's fashion show.

One of Ai's budding designers, Ian Jai Park, found inspiration for his latest collection in the song "Twilight" by Japanese acoustic guitarist Kotaro Oshio. Park describes his collection as "comfortable, dramatic, earthy, different and beautiful."

As for the song that inspired it, he explained, "From ['Twilight'] I felt Asian and Western influences at the same time. I wanted to show Asian as linen and pleats, and Western as flowing fabric with draping techniques."

Check out more with Ian above, and don't forget to see his creations on the runway.