September 19, 2013


The 15 Best Genre-Layering Mashups Ever

The age-old phrase "two is better than one" applies to many aspects in life—why chew on grape-flavored gum when you could have grape lemonade-flavored gum?—so why should artists stick to one genre? Not that there's anything wrong with a straight-up pop or hip hop track, but we praise the hitmakers who can mash together two genres (Or three! Or five!) into one accessible, delicious, compact piece of ear candy.

Like how Fergie could make us party rock and jitterbug by mixing jazzy horns and EDM beats for a track off The Great Gatsby soundtrack. Or Ariana Grande and Mika sampling a show tune for their rock-pop duet "Popular Song"? Even Nelly found a way to sound right at home on a country song with Florida Georgia Line!

Blending genres makes the song that much yummier, and Fuse is bringing your music taste to the next level with 15 fantastic examples of genre-layering tracks. Pop in your ear buds, put on your detective hat and pick out all the different music stylings layered into this playlist.