September 12, 2013


Hey, Britney Spears: Is a Comma Missing in "Work Bitch"?

credit: @britneyspears on Twitter
credit: @britneyspears on Twitter

Hey Brit!

Quick question. Regarding your new single, "Work Bitch," which drops September 16 and has us pretty pumped, we just have to know: Are you missing a comma in there?

Not to nitpick, but if you're trying to use "Work" as a command, you're gonna need to throw a comma in there. We heard the new single might sample RuPaul's "Supermodel (You Better Work)," and in that song, Ru's definitely using "work" as a command: "You better work / Cover girl / Work it, girl / Give a twirl / Do your thing on the runway." Look at all appropriately placed commas!

As it stands, "Work Bitch" without the comma has the word "Work" is modifying the noun "Bitch." Blah, blah, blah, [word nerd boring grammar stuff], but are you really trying to say that the subject of your song works hard? So hard that she's a "work bitch?" We don't get it.

Listen, if you want to leave the song title without the comma, OK, fine. Artistic license. But adding a comma would be a super quick Photoshop job!

The third option here: You continue to make the hit singles and bucketloads of money, we'll continue typing away at our desk jobs and getting irrationally worked up over incorrect grammar in titles of pop songs. 

Sound good? OK then, us too. Carry on.