September 9, 2013


Exclusive: Deer Tick Premiere "The Dream's in the Ditch" Video

Remember a "Chinese fire drill"? It's a mischievous roadway prank, usually done by young drivers and their smart-ass high school pals, in which passengers of a car jump out, usually when idling at a red stop light, then chaotically run around the car and return to different seats. It's fun! And it's the star of alt-country band Deer Tick's new video for "The Dream's in the Ditch," exclusively premiered above on Fuse.

The prank varies from region to region, and the Providence, Rhode Island boys apply their own style in the clip from their upcoming fifth album, Negativity (out September 24 via Partisan Records). Since the quintet would hardly fit in, say, a '98 Honda CRX (and probably didn't want to borrow their mom's mini-van), they rented out a white limo for the video. 

Like seasoned experts, Deer Tick pulled off a "Chinese fire drill" while driving, albeit slowly, through a residential 'hood. The band run around and jump in, out of, over and on the limo, all while smiling and high-fiving. For the final product, the played the footage in reverse, making their version of the time-honored prank perhaps the best, and most difficult, ever. It's a light-hearted visual to the song's alt-country-blues bounce and sway.

Deer Tick's versatility doesn't end there, either. For the first time in two years, Deer Tick's Nirvana tribute band, Deervana, is coming out of retirement to celebrate the 20th anniversary of In Utero by playing the Seattle trio's classic 1993 swan-song in its entirety for one night only. The sold-out show is set for September 13 at Brooklyn Bowl in New York City.