September 30, 2013


Drake Is Now the "Global Ambassador" for the Toronto Raptors

With impressive credentials, like once coaching a girls' basketball team in a music video and giving pound to taller men on a court, Drake has now partnered with his hometown Toronto Raptors to be the basketball team's "Global Ambassador" and re-brand the ailing NBA squad.

The rapper will be the team's "host, business partner and consultant," according to The Star. Drake will also consult on a "complete redesign of the club's image to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the franchise in the 2014-15 season." This presumably means having the players text their ex-girlfriends during each time out and giving unnecessarily specific details about them during interviews, causing the Internet to hunt said exes down and blast all their personal details to the world.

As fans of Jay Z or the Brooklyn Nets already know, this deal isn't without precedent. Though unlike Jay, who was forced to absolve himself from the team after entering the agent business, Drake apparently has no financial conflicts or entanglements, nor will he be pursuing an ownership stake in the team. But his star power, it's hoped, will attract other talent to Toronto, with athletes taking one look at Drake's smile and then demanding they get traded to the team that went 34-48 last season.

For now, enjoy this clip of Toronto Raptors sportscaster Jack Armstrong seeing Drake courtside and telling the world about that time he confused him with Dr. Dre.

Off to a great start.