September 17, 2013


Emblem3 Lead Mass Scream-Along on "Emblem3: Live From the Fuse Studios"

Emblem3 caused mass hysteria on 7th Avenue in New York City Monday night when The X Factor reggae-pop trio stopped by Fuse for "Emblem3: Live From the Fuse Studios Presented by Coca-Cola."

Brothers Wesley and Keaton Stromberg, and their pal Drew Chadwick, got the party started with their banger "Spaghetti," while fans inside and outside screamed along at decibels we didn't know were possible. The boys took a few questions from superfans, spilled a few secrets and dished on how they've been celebrating their success over the past year: by popping bottles, obviously. (No worries, parents. By "bottles" they mean "Capri Suns." They're good guys!)

Then the band slowed things down with their adorable cuddle jam, "3,000 Miles," and we're pretty sure we saw at least one girl sobbing in the audience (present company excluded). After a quick game of "Chloe, Khloe or Kobe," where the boys answered a few burning questions about Chloe Moretz, Khloe Kardashian and Kobe Bryant (you had to be there), Emblem3 gave us exactly what we wanted: a killer performance of their Billboard Hot 100 hit, "Chloe (You're the One I Want)." I'm pretty sure it's playing on a loop in my head... but I'll let you know when I get my hearing back.