September 19, 2013


Emblem3 Talk Opening for Selena Gomez, Tease New Music Video

After inciting fan hysteria at Fuse HQ for "Emblem3: Live From the Fuse Studios Presented by Coca-Cola" concert on Monday, the reggae-pop trio sat down to chat about opening up for Selena Gomez's Stars Dance tour and filming their second music video.

"The purpose of the Selena tour, No. 1, is to have a good time," member Drew Chadwick tells Fuse. "But we also want to expand our fanbase. We open for her, in front of sometimes 20,000 people. We try to win over as many of them as we can and we usually feel like we succeed."

"Just the experience of these new cultures," he adds. "You grow so much as a person. You learn how to communicate and relate to people better."

The X Factor Season 2 finalists also teased their upcoming music video for "3000 Miles." "The video is so sick!!!" Wes Stromberg says. "It was shot right at sunset. We were on top of the roof, the sun is beaming across the buildings and we're singing this really emotional, beautiful song."

Watch the full interview above!