September 29, 2013


Kid Cudi Slams Live Hip Hop After Rock the Bells Cancelation

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images
Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Last week traveling hip hop festival, Rock the Bells, had to cancel its remaining dates despite an impressive line-up due to lackluster ticket sales. The question post cancelation remained: why didn't fans show up?

Kid Cudi recently took to Twitter to present his (waaaay past 140 charecters) answer to that question. Namely, he thinks modern hip hop shows are boring—however, his are the bomb dot com, obvs.

"I dont sell the most records, u dont hear me on the radio if ever, and I def dont make the most money, but NO ONE can f-ck w my live show," he said. "It doesnt matter whos the nicest w the raps or who makes the most paper. Those things dont mean sh-t on stage. 

"Can u perform? From opening for A Trak and Steve Aoki in 09 performing for 20 people on top of a speaker to sold out arenas. I always perform my soul out. Excuse me, that was 07. So yea, been rippin."

Despite Cudi's criticism, it should be noted that Rock the Bells appeared to pull out all the stops. The show garnered national attention for special posthumous appearances (via hologram) of Eazy-E and Ol' Dirty Bastard.

Guerilla Union, the company that staged RTB, founder Chang Weisberg said in response to the cancellation:

"It’s extremely unfortunate that we can’t complete the last half of the 10th Anniversary Rock the Bells tour. We did everything in our power to save the show. Unfortunately, the financial loss would have been devastating. I am truly sorry we could not produce the show for all the fans who did buy their ticket in support of.”

But the "Pursuit of Happiness" rapper clearly isn't buying the idea that the festival tried everything to save the show. In fact, he would probably suggest adding an EDM section to next year's fest. He explained:

"Hip hop shows arnt exciting. I personally think thats why RTB fell off. With the exception of a few artists and legends we know and love. Aint nobody tryna hear a bunch of people yellin at u all day w all that testosterone, mean muggin n sh-t. 

"People wanna smile and dance. Thats why dance festivals always win. The energy is always positive and people come to spread love and hear all types of great music. There should never be a festival devoted to one genre of music ever. It should be a cluster f-ck of it all. Well, country but thats it haha."

Or, a Kid Cudi run Rock the Bells could consist of just Kid Cudi—and Busta Rhymes. And maybe a few other legends:

"Man i just wanna say this right now so theres no confusion. BUSTA RHYMES is the best live performer in Hip Hop. Then most def Red and Meth! I learned from them niggaz, especially Busta.

"And then of course my big brother Yeezus ;) And Puff know how to rock a show too. I like to have a Bowie outlook on things."

We're gunna be honest here, Rock the Bells: Cudi Style sounds kind of amazeballs. Just imagine Busta, Kanye, Redman, Method Man and Kid Cudi rapping at an Electric Daisy style sensory fest! 

Who doesn't want a side of Ferris wheel and confetti with their old school rap? Holograms would fit right in, and Kanye can finally bust out that leather kilt again!