September 25, 2013


New Drink Mollywatr Aims to Keep EDM Drug Users Hydrated

Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images
Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

According to one Canadian tourist I met at Miami's Ultra Fest this year, Molly is a "purer form" of Ecstasy (also known as MDMA). Once you take it, your heart races and pupils dilate, and you become very, very thirsty. 

Anyone who's been to a festival in recent years, EDM or otherwise, can tell you that where there's a Molly user, there's a water bottle nearby—and now Mollywatr creator Ken Unaeze is cashing in on the phenomenon. Your move, Michelle Obama.

Speaking to the L.A. Times, Unaeze said he came up with the idea while working at his desk job, thinking about drugs. "I thought, is there a water product that is marketing to this [EDM] scene, and is communicating some important messages about water to this scene? There wasn't, and you know, I wanted to come up with a name that really struck a chord and spoke to this scene in a way that would make water as important to these people as it actually is."

Despite what it sounds like, Mollywatr is not water with Molly in it—it's a "water product" from "a natural source in California" enhanced with natural electrolytes. Mollywatr is meant to quench your thirst to "keep the party going," according to the product's Facebook page. It's also the "DOPEST WATER EVER."

Oh, and the bottle: The logo features a sexy lady making a "Y" with her body, because of course it does. And you can put the bottle under a black light to watch it glow if you aren't already f-cked up enough.

Texas, Michigan and Illinois-based EDM fans can pick up a bottle of Mollywatr at select venues for $5 a pop. Or you can just fill your CamelBak with sink water like you've been doing, which costs zero dollars.