September 6, 2013


One Direction Reveal New Album Title

Friday morning, One Direction announced that they'd soon be making a big announcement, because that's what people do now. Then, at 11 P.M. EST, the British boy band revealed the name of their new album, Midnight Memories, via a series of YouTube and Instagram videos. Because apparently a simple tweet or press release just isn't enough anymore.

After uploading a six-second video to YouTube showing the boys rearranging letters on pieces of paper, the band unveiled the above Instagram video, which revealed the full title of the album. And yes, the above 15-second video, featuring just a few pieces of paper, already has more "likes" than you will ever receive for your beautifully filtered photo of your homemade smoothie. Sorry.

Midnight Memories is the third studio album from One Direction, who've released an album each year since hitting it big as British X Factor runner-ups in 2010. Their 2012 album, Take Me Home, went No. 1 in 35 countries.

Midnight Memories hits stores November 25.