September 14, 2013


Pharrell Insists "Blurred Lines" Does Not Copy Marvin Gaye

Isaac Brekken
Isaac Brekken

Pharrell Williams has denied any connection between the smash hit of the summer, "Blurred Lines," and any works by the late soul singer Marvin Gaye, but insists that he is a huge fan, despite ongoing lawsuit.

The hitmaking producer and singer recently discussed plagiarism claims with the AP at a red carpet event for the Calvin Klein Collection during fashion week and had nothing but praise for the legend.

"I'm a huge fan of Marvin Gaye. He is a genius. He is the patriarch," Williams said.

After claims by Marvin Gaye's family that "Blurred Lines" copied Gaye's 1977 hit, "Got To Give It Up," Robin Thicke, T.I. and Pharrell filed a pre-emptive lawsuit in August to establish that no copyright infringement took place.

And Pharrell clearly stands by the lawsuits claim that there are absolutely no significant similarities between the songs. He explained:

"If you read music, all you have to do is read the sheet music. It's completely different."

In addition to setting the record straight, Williams further expressed his devotion to Marvin Gaye.

Gaye "is the king of all kings, so let's be clear about that. And we take our hats off to him," he said.

"But anybody that plays music and reads music, just simply go to the piano and play the two. One's minor and one's major. And not even in the same key."