September 19, 2013


Selena Gomez Denied Russian Visa for Not Hating Gay People

Stefania D'Alessandro/Getty Images
Stefania D'Alessandro/Getty Images

The Russian government continues its backward crackdown on free expression this week by denying Selena Gomez a visa granting her access to the country. And no, it's not because Putin sided with Bieber after the breakup. 

According to the Moscow Times, Gomez's concert organizers said her support for the gay community was reason enough for the Russian government to deny her entry. As as result, she's canceling tour stops in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

After Russia passed a discriminatory law earlier this year which criminalizes promoting "gay propaganda" to minors, Lady Gaga and Madonna have been targeted for speaking out in support of gay rights during concerts for comrades. So perhaps with that in mind, the Russian government is preventing another pro-gay pop star from entering their country.

Although Gomez is a supporter of gay rights, it's hardly the driving passion in her life, which makes it strange the Russian government is specifically targeting her. After all, if Gomez—who has transformed from a Disney starlet to a woman more gracefully than anyone else in recent memory—is too radical for them, then what pop stars are safe enough to play Moscow?