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10 Best 'Saturday Night Live' Hosts Who Pulled Double Duty

Miley Cyrus hits the "SNL" stage this weekend, but can she outshine our favorite host/musician, Justin Timberlake?

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"Live From New York, It's Saturday Night!"

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This weekend Miley Cyrus will take the Saturday Night Live stage as both host and musical guest. Though the "Wrecking Ball" singer already hosted the show back in 2011, pulling double duty is no small feat. All the acting, singing and running around backstage... Not to mention making Lorne Michaels happy, which seems near impossible. 

But it can be done! For proof, see Fuse's list of the 10 best hosts/musical performers to grace the legendary late-night sketch comedy show. Perhaps no one's done it better than Justin Timberlake—a three-timer now who also gave us "D-ck in a Box"—but we can't forget about our other faves. 

Check out Fuse's list of the 10 best hosts who pulled double duty, and check out Miley's comedic and performance chops on SNL Saturday, October 5.

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Britney Spears

Britney Spears pulled double duty twice, both in 2000 and 2002. During her second visit to the show, Brit played Skipper, Barbie's little sister... or so she thought. Check out the hilarity with the always LOL-worthy Amy Poehler above.

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Janet Jackson

In 2004, Janet Jackson showed up on SNL to promote her 2004 album, Damita Jo, but she also managed to star in one of the best sketches ever: "The Cork Soakers." Say that 10 times fast... whoops!

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Justin Bieber

After playing Saturday Night Live as the musical guest in 2010, Justin Bieber hosted and performed in 2013. Check out Biebs' southern accent in the skit above. Pretty impressive for a Canadian.

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Bruno Mars

Who knew Bruno Mars was so hilarious?! Apparently Lorne Michaels, who booked the "Locked Out of Heaven" singer as both host and musical guest in 2012. Above, Bruno plays an outspoken talk show guest who "has a debit card and knows where to put it." More, please!

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Mick Jagger

Thirty-four years after Mick Jagger made his SNL debut, the Rolling Stones frontman was both the host and the musical guest (alongside Arcade Fire, Foo Fighters and Jeff Beck) in 2012. Mick was finally able to put to bed the question we've all asked for years: Who's his favorite Stone? (Spoiler alert: it's him.)

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Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez pulled double duty in both 2001 and 2010, and she looked the exact same both times because that woman does not age. Is there anything she can't do? Well, her Rihanna impression (above) needs a little work. But we can see past that.

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Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake has hosted Saturday Night Live a whopping five times and pulled double duty three times, more than any other musician. But I think we can all agree that "D-ck in a Box" is not only his most important SNL contribution, but his most important contribution to humanity as a whole.

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If you learn anything from this list, let it be that Ludacris was the host and musical guest of SNL in 2006. In his promo for the gig above, Andy Samberg expresses how we all feel about that fact. 

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Taylor Swift

We already knew Taylor Swift could do it all, and her stint pulling double duty on SNL in 2009 proved the point yet again. Taylor was game for anything, including playing a cornrow-wearing inmate.

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Elton John

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE -- "Elton John" Episode 1594 -- Pictured: Dana Edelson/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank
Dana Edelson/NBC/Getty Images

Twenty years after Elton John made his SNL debut as a musical guest, he came back to host and perform in 2011. The "Candle in the Wind" singer poked fun at the Royal Family (obviously) and popped up in a "Laser Cats! The Musical" digital short.

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