October 30, 2013


Beyonce Previews New Song, "God Made You Beautiful"

Just in time for the holidays, Beyonce will be releasing her documentary Life is But a Dream on DVD (November 25), and the singer previews a new song in the trailer.

The ballad "God Made You Beautiful" runs through the length of the promo, meaning maybe, possibly, those rumors of new Beyonce music by the end of the year might be true.

The pop star seemed on track for a new album earlier this year after the soft releases of "Bow Down," "Grown Woman" and "Standing in the Sun." But then, nothing materialized. It didn't help that collaborating producer Diplo confirmed that the song he'd been working on with B had been scrapped, leading fans to wonder WTF.

Maybe "God Made You Beautiful" is a sign? Let's just keep our fingers crossed and pray.