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7 Ways to Make a Daft Punk Helmet for Halloween

If you aced shop class and know your way around a hardware store, you can definitely whip up a rad Daft Punk helmet by October 31st

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Do Your Homework

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - DECEMBER 20: Daft Punk performs on stage at the City Botanic Gardens on December 20, 2007 in Brisbane,
Marc Grimwade

If you show up as the awesomely mysterious electro legends Daft Punk to Halloween this year, not only will you win all the costume contests, but we're sure people will be buying you drinks the whole night. (Good luck drinking them, though—you can't show your face!)

We scoured YouTube for the best Daft Punk helmet tutorials, from the least involved (48 hours) to the most intricate (17 months!). The good news: You still have time to make one. The bad news: After watching these videos, your go-to ghost costume suddenly seems really lame.

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Two Days

Got two days and $100? Close to a hardware store? Then stop everything you're doing, watch this three-minute Daft Punk helmet tutorial, and get to work. Forty-eight hours later, you can tell everyone you're the estranged third member of the band.

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Five or Six Days

If you’re not looking for your helmet to have the properties of an actual Daft Punk helmet (do you really need all those flashing lights and gold trim, anyway?) this YouTube user will show you how to make one out of simple items found at your local arts and crafts store. Think scissors, paint, brushes, plaster gauze, etc. It might not be the most elaborate thing in the world but it’s definitely going to wow your fellow Halloweenies.

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Seven Days

This Daft Punk helmet starts with a standard catcher's helmet and evolves from there. Add some mesh netting, a few beer cans and a killer paint job, and just "Lose Yourself to Dance."

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One Month

So maybe you don't have a month or a 3D model builder at your disposal, but this Daft Punk helmet tutorial is still worth watching. He even molded his own plastic! This guy should win an award. 

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Two Months

If you're sick of making all those bird feeders in shop class, why don't you ask your teacher if you can earn a little extra credit with your own project? This girl made an authentic (and very intricate) Daft Punk helmet for a school project and walked away with an A+ (probably) and an awesome keepsake. Who ever said homework had to be boring?

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4 Months

This helmet requires over 350 LEDs and can run four hours at a time on a single charge… that’s nothing short of impressive! If you’re really into making things, and we mean, like, really into making things, you’ll probably need a good chroming place. Yup, you’re basically wearing a car on your head. Suffer for fashion?

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One-and-a-half Years

This one's for Halloween 2015—this YouTube user took over a year and a half to make his Daft Punk helmet! From the beginning paper model to the final illuminated work of art, each of the 749 steps is fascinating to watch. The soundtrack doesn't hurt either.

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