October 8, 2013


Indie Pop Group Electric Guest Explain Weird Taco Bell Arrest at ACL

Jerod Harris/Getty Images for Sonos
Jerod Harris/Getty Images for Sonos

When indie soul-pop quartet Electric Guest performed at Austin City Limits festival, the band dedicated one song to guitarist Tory Dahloff, who, as frontman Asa Taccone told the crowd, "got picked up by police at 3:45 in the morning last night and held for the night." Speaking to Fuse after the show, the band, whose Danger Mouse-produced 2012 debut Mondo deftly blends funk, pop and soul, detailed the debaucherous night.

"We were staying in this little house in Austin that this dude put us up in," says Taccone. "We were asleep, but at 3:45 A.M., we lost Tory. He went to a Wild Belle after party and, I don’t know, man….I guess he went a little wild and the police found him asleep in some bushes. He was passed out on the side of some Taco Bell and then he ended up getting put in jail until 9:45 in the morning. We just picked him up and went straight to sound check."

Dahloff appeared mid-interview to clear things up as much as he’s legally allowed. "Things just get out of hand and sometimes you just wander down the wrong street or up the wrong street. Either way, you’re going to end up at a dead end. Or a Taco Bell. I shouldn’t have been in the kitchen. I don’t really want to talk about the rest. It’s pending legally. It was very stressful, but I got through it. I was detained. Everything’s good. I got my lawyers on it."

In non-Taco Bell news, the group recently released Good America, an EP featuring two new songs, and are in the early stages of writing their Mondo follow-up.