October 5, 2013


Fiona Apple Debuts Haunting New Song "I Want You to Love Me"

C Flanigan
C Flanigan

Looks like something beautiful came out of Fiona Apple's battle with a very ugly heckler who left her in tears at a recent performance: The very same night she debuted gorgeous new song "I Want You to Love Me."

This tune is truly Apple at her finest. "Love Me" is an emotive roller coaster full of her trademark crescendos and concussive blasts of life. 

Her voice is nuanced and (at times) trembling. The accompanying piano is equally expressive, spellbinding and heartbreaking. 

If you didn't already want to personally hunt down and pelt the dude who told Apple "I saw you 20 years ago and you were beautiful!" with 1200 decaying raw eggs, listening to this will make you start sifting through dumpsters.