October 23, 2013


Like "Roar"? Dress as Jungle Queen Katy Perry for Halloween

Katy Perry has been one of the most popular Halloween costume choices since we first caught sight of her, ahem, accessories in 2010's over-the-top candy-coated video for "California Gurls." 

But in case you haven't noticed, her blue wig days are over. (She actually lit the thing on fire.) Nowadays, Katy's over that bad breakup with Russell Brand and has moved on to greener pastures. Literally.

Despite protests from PETA, Katy's first Prism single, "Roar," featured one of the lushest, most animal-friendly videos in recent memory. Its plot finds the SoCal singer and an on-screen boyfriend fending for themselves in a desolate jungle after crash landing. By the end of the clip, however, the BF's gone, and Katy's fashioned her high heels into a handy spear and found a new BF, a lion, aka the King of the Jungle.Clearly all those Popchips gave her strength.

So here's everything you need to get Katy Perry's "Roar" look. (It's under $100, too. Score.)

The main piece of the outfit, the leopard bra top, is online for $14, while the leaf skirt is for sale on Amazon, also for $14. The oversized flower headband is available for $20 and Forever 21 has leather bracelets/arm bands for less than $5! And of course your little stuffed monkey friend will set you back $15. 

And voila. Let them hear you roar.

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