October 18, 2013


Top 40: How It Works

It's that time of the year again. Time for falling leaves, fall fashion, tryptophan dreams...and getting out the vote.

You may have to wait a few more years to elect another president, but you can let the United States know what you think of the year's top music videos NOW!

We've got all the hottest artists with the most titillating, tantalizing, tempestuous—sometime traumatizing—and terrific vids. From pop to rock to EDM to hip hop and beyond, we've got your fave genre covered. Check out our handy-dandy guide to the Top 40 videos of 2013 to get yourself acquainted with the musical gods and goddesses that have graced us with their digital love.

When your ready, let us know what you think by voting here!

How to vote in Fuse Top 40 of 2013 (Pssst! It's insanely easy):

  1. Check out the fabulous videos in our list, if you don't already have a fav in mind.
  2. Go here and click on "VOTE NOW."
  3. Choose who you love most in our selected match-ups!

There are 6 rounds of head-to-head polls. Your votes determine who advances and who gets left behind. 

Keep checking back as each week we will be announcing who has made the cut to the next round. 

And don't forget about Wildcards! 

  • Eliminated artists with the most votes get a chance to come back in round 3
  • 6 artists in total will be brought back to life — 4 artists from round 1, and 2 artists from round 2.

So, each vote is crucial. 

The final artist standing will be revealed on-air as having the #1 music video of 2013 in the Fuse Top 40 countdown show in early December! (Stay tuned for exact date and time. Use the Channel Finder to find Fuse in your area.) 

No artist is complete without their extraordinary (and rabid!) fans. Let them know you have their back by giving them your vote—right here, right now!