October 3, 2013


Listen: Jack White's Dead Weather Preview New Album Track

David Swanson
David Swanson

After hitting No. 1 on the Billboard 200 Chart with his debut solo effort, 2012's Blunderbuss, Jack White is content to return to the fold with his other band, the Dead Weather, and cede the spotlight to vicious rock banshee Alison Mosshart. 

White's Third Man Records just announced that subscribers to the label's Vault Series will receive two White-related goodies to close out 2013: Live at the Ryman Auditorium, a 2xLP live album from the Raconteurs recorded back on September 15, 2011, and a second much more exciting release: a new Dead Weather 7" single, "Open Up (That's Enough)" and b-side "Rough Detective," and—get this!—both tracks will appear on the Nashville band's upcoming third album. Preview the ferocious and careening "Open Up (That's Enough)" below.

According to a press release, the Dead Weather—also featuring Queens of the Stone Age's Dean Fertita and the Raconteurs' Jack Lawrence—will "record and release two-song sets" until 2015. At that point, the band will drop their follow-up to 2011's Sea of Cowards, complete with all the previously-released singles plus many more album-only tracks. 

A few singles with the Dead Weather is hardly a busy schedule for the prolific Mr. White. What else will his 2014 hold? A new solo album? Another record with the Raconteurs? Producing other artists on Third Man Records? Only time will tell, but let's hope it's all the above and more.