October 11, 2013


It's a Futuristic Love Story in Janelle Monae & Miguel's "PrimeTime" Video

The music video for "PrimeTime," Atlanta soul cyborg Janelle Monae's futuristic sex jam with Miguel, has officially arrived—and it's 100 percent quintessential Monae. Meaning it's totally out of this world.

The video continues the dystopian cyborg story arc of her new album The Electric Lady and its predecessor, The ArchAndroid, but brings it to life in sci-fi visuals. It's like an intergalactic Grease: Monae plays Cindi Mayweather, who falls for Miguel's charming badboy Joey Vice (who sports a punked-out leather jacket with a Fat Wreck Chords patch). She works at the Electric Sheep nightclub, a bar with android strippers "in a dangerous section of Metropolis known as Slop City," explains the description. 

After an altercation with a touchy-feely patron, she walks off the job and into Vice's arms. The two hit the club and dance, and then later return to Vice's futuristic hipster pad, where they dine on Chinese food (thank god the future has General Tso's) and presumably make out as the camera pans to the shiny planets above. After all, it's a prime time for our love... duhnuhnuh... Hey, it's catchy.

Watch it above now.