October 1, 2013


Justin Bieber's Bodyguards Carry Him Up Great Wall of China

via @BelieveTUpdates/Twitter
via @BelieveTUpdates/Twitter

Earlier this year, Justin Bieber outraged sensible people when he wrote "hopefully [Anne Frank] would have been a Belieber" in a guest book at the Holocaust victim's museum. Now the Canadian heartthrob is infuriating the Internet at another historical site with his recent visit to the Great Wall of China.

No, Bieber didn't pee on it or toke up on the man-made wonder visible from space. But he did make two bodyguards put his 19-year-old body on their shoulders and carry him up the Great Wall's many stairs.

Was he tired? Did he want to feel like an emperor? Was it a harmless sight gag, or is he just that lazy? Who knows! But we're thinking any adult who happily rides atop two other human beings could probably use another Galifianakis-style spanking.