October 31, 2013


Justin Bieber Sprays Pro-Chris Brown Graffiti Following Arrest

Brian Babineau/Getty Images
Brian Babineau/Getty Images

What with his Sunday arrest for an alleged brawl, a subsequent night spent in jail and entering rehab for anger management, it's been a difficult week for Chris Brown.

But on the plus side, Breezy has a fellow A-list pop star pulling for him: Justin Bieber. And JB is demonstrating his love for CB via a medium Brown himself dabbles in: Street art.

Bieber showed off his "new hobby" to fans via Instagram. One of the graffiti pics shows a wavy purple arrow the Biebs spray-painted on a wall with the words "Free Breezy" tagged on it. 

Although we're assuming that statement is in reference to Brown's jail stint on Sunday, it's mildly awkward timing that Bieber revealed his street art to fans Thursday morning. After all, he's urging Brown to get free right after the R&B singer made the brave choice to check himself into rehab for anger management. But hey, it's positive support, and that's what counts.

Check out the pics here and ask yourself if Bieber's "RIP Pac" tag is in reference to Tupac Shakur or his hamster named Pac who died earlier this year.