October 12, 2013


Kanye West Levels With Paparazzi

Danny Martindale/FilmMagic
Danny Martindale/FilmMagic

Kanye West hasn't exactly had the best track record with the paparazzi.

Considering 'Ye was just recently charged with attempted grand theft and battery over a July altercation with an aggressive pap, his most recent paparazzi stunt was impressively un-Kanye.

The "New Slaves" rapper recently caught up with several shutterbugs at a stop at a gas station. As they were rattling on about respect and whatnot, instead of grabbing their cameras, he decided to level with them.

It was as if Kanye West recently hit up the Barnes and Nobles self-help section for some "How to Win Friends and Influence People" action.

He stayed impressively calm and explained why their very intrusive intrusiveness bothered him.

"I couldn't imagine my daughter being like 4 years old, and you guys screaming at her," West said. 

"I think somebody screamed at Tom Cruise's daughter or something like that."

Then he went on to detail exactly why the July LAX scuffle went down in the first place:

"I'm dealing with some guy setting me up at the airport the other day. You know he's f-cking laughing and sh-t.

"What I didn't get to say on Jimmy Kimmel, that's the day I found out that my grandfather was not gonna make it. He passed two weeks later."

He continued:

"But I'm comin' out the airport, because you know, 'It's Kanye whatever, they're gonna f-ck with him and antagonize him'.

"But I tried to stop his camera and stuff, then he fell down and faked it and everybody was like, 'Oh yo, why'd you hit that guy?' Obviously I didn't hit the guy. But you know I'm going through sh-t."

Maybe a bizzaro "rap feud" with Jimmy Kimmel was all Yeezy needed to become a levelheaded arbiter of good judgment?

Before West took off in his insane, DeLorean-esque car, he did manage to throw in some lines about (you guessed it!) how awesome he is:

"I know you guys are gonna photograph me. I know I have a cool-ass car and sh-t, like I got a dope-ass outfit on, it's all good."

And thank god. Kanye West playing Oprah really isn't much fun for anyone.