October 18, 2013


Katy Perry's 'Prism' By the Numbers

Last year Katy Perry said her then in-the-works new music was "about to get real f-cking dark," but now that we've heard all the songs on Prism, it's hard to get sad—because it sounds downright sparkly and bubbly. (Except that one song about suicide. More on that later.)

Prism is set to hit stores October 22, but the whole LP is currently streaming over at Just Jared. Fuse listened and broke it down for you by the numbers. (You're welcome). 

While there are numerous references to Katy's divorce from Russell Brand and the following emotional roller coaster, there's also a lot of hope and happiness on this album. It's titled Prism after all—Katy has "let the light in," and she wants her fans to do the same. 

Number of songs you shouldn't listen to when you're really sad: 1. By all means stay away from the album's only piano ballad, "By the Grace of God." Katy wrote it after her split with Russell Brand, and she opens up about her depression, even touching on suicide.

Number of songs you should listen to while you're rollerskating: 3. Grab your wheels, turn on the disco ball and get your skate on to "Birthday," "This Is How We Do" and "International Smile." Jam Town USA.

Number of songs that sound like they're from MTV's Party to Go Vol. 3: 1. "Walking on Air" is serving up some serious '90s Cece Peniston realness. 

Number of songs that might accidentally become a strip club anthem: 1. "Dark Horse" featuring Juicy J. The "featuring Juicy J" part might have something to do with that.

Number of songs I could totally hear Robyn covering: 3. "This Moment," "Double Rainbow" and "Spiritual" all sound like Body Talk B-sides. And I mean that in a good way.

Number of deep astrology references: 2. On "It Takes Two," a song Katy told Elle UK is about her breakup with John Mayer, Katy mentions "Mercury in retrograde." And "By the Grace of God" references her "return to Saturn" which is a complicated astrology thing that you should probably just Google. Someone's been reading her Susan Miller.

On to the good stuff...

Number of songs that are probably about Russell Brand: 4. We've already talked about "By the Grace of God." But there's also the anthemic "Ghost," which details that rumored breakup text that ended the marriage (!!!), the blippy "Love Me," where Katy explains finding herself again after the breakup and the drum-heavy "Choose Your Battles," on which Katy asks, "Why you trying to make me your enemy?"

Number of songs that are probably about John Mayer: 5. We already knew "Unconditionally" and "It Takes Two" were about Mayer, but now that we've gotten the chance to hear "Walking on Air" a few more times, yeah, that sounds like a love song (wrapped in a club beat). There's also the synthy "This Moment" and the ambient "Double Rainbow," which both explore a new relationship. 

Winner: John Mayer.