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Like Katy Perry's 'Prism'? Hear 53 Other Songs You'll Love

Attention Katy Kats: Fuse recommends over 50 other tracks, from Moby to Christina Aguilera and beyond, for fans of Perry's 'Prism'

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'Prism' and Beyond

It's been almost three months since Katy Perry revealed her new album's title on a big gold truck, and now Prism is finally here!

While you've probably heard Perry's pop anthem "Roar"—which earned the SoCal singer her eighth No. 1 single—the rest of Prism explores genres and styles far beyond Top 40 pop. The LP spans the decades, dabbling in '70s disco, '90s dance, trap and more.

Fuse has dissected the LP to recommend 53 other tracks, ranging from Moby to Christina Aguilera, that will help take your listening experience to the next level. 

Perry's "Roar" is currently battling Lady Gaga for the music video crown in the first round of Fuse's Top 40 of 2013. Vote now! 

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Sounds like: The upbeat, pop-rock earworm starts with a jangly, piano-led verse before growing into its anthemic chorus.  

If you like "Roar," Fuse recommends:

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"Legendary Lovers"

Sounds like: The stomping pop track is embellished with psychedelic synths and a Indian flair with chanting and sitar that wouldn't sound out of place on a Bollywood soundtrack.

If you like "Legendary Lovers," Fuse recommends:

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Sounds like: It's the closest Perry comes to the carefree vibes and sugary-sweet hooks of Teenage Dream. With disco-fever beats, funky guitar and horns"Birthday" is like a cousin to her 2011 No. 1 hit "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" 

If you like "Birthday," Fuse recommends:

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"Walking on Air"

Sounds like: Perry told Billboard in September, "I'm too young to have a raver past, but I love the '90s. I'm so into that vibe right now." This dance throwback dabbles in that '90s nostalgia and sounds like a fitting contribution to a Jock Jams compilation.

If you like "Walking on Air," Fuse recommends:

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Sounds like: A rock power ballad with simple, yet strong lyrics. Opening with spare piano chords, the track swells as Perry belts over the booming chorus, showing off the monstrous pipes many radio listeners didn't know she has.

If you like "Unconditionally," Fuse recommends:

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"Dark Horse"

Sounds like: A pop star's take on the burgeoning trap genre (made famous by Baauer's viral hit "Harlem Shake"). The album's only guest, Juicy J, adds a bit of hip hop flavor on the bridge, one of the album's few moments to incorporate rap.

If you like "Dark Horse," Fuse recommends:

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"This Is How We Do"

Sounds like: An '80s pop track with wonky synth, video game-like bloops and beeps and hard-hitting beats. A looping sample of a tough, male voice shouting "This is how we do!" adds a bit of street cred.

If you like "This Is How We Do," Fuse recommends:

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"International Smile"

Sounds like: A pop-rock stomper with Daft Punk-esque EDM flourishes. Warning: The repeating "oohs" on the verses will have listeners humming along. 

If you like "International Smile," Fuse recommends:

  • f(x), "Airplane"
  • Marina & the Diamonds, "Hypocrates" (below)
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Sounds like: A slinky synth ballad that wouldn't sound out of place on a Cyndi Lauper record from the '80s.

If you like "Ghost," Fuse recommends:

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"Love Me"

Sounds like: A racing synth rock track with Perry's breathy vocals about not losing yourself in a relationship.

If you like "Love Me," Fuse recommends:

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"This Moment"

Sounds like: Another '80s synth rock track—not so different from "Ghost" or "Love Me"—that cements a sonic theme for last half of the record. The intro recalls Robyn's "Call Your Girlfriend."

If you like "This Moment," Fuse recommends:

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"Double Rainbow"

Sounds like: A new wave anthem with understated electronic production that grows into soaring synths with thundering drum machines. Perry nods to the song's co-writer, Sia, with heavy, breathy vocals that recalling the Aussie singer-songwriter's delivery on "Breathe Me" or "I'm in Here."

If you like "Double Rainbow," Fuse recommends:

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"By the Grace of God"

Sounds like: A confessional piano anthem with military drums and soaring vocals about rising above heartbreak and life's challenges. Fittingly, this album closer leaves listeners with a fuzzy, warm feeling. Positive reinforcement! 

If you like "By the Grace of God," Fuse recommends:


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