October 23, 2013


Irish Alt-Rockers Kodaline Love Being Heckled By American Fans

Fuse's Katie Van Buren recently sat down with the two founding members of Kodaline, an alt-rock quartet from her home country of Ireland. Touring America behind their debut album In a Perfect World, the Dublin indie rockers explain the key difference between American and Irish fans.

"It's different in every state because every state is kind of like its own country," singer Steve Garrigan tells Fuse, "But [the main difference is] they heckle. Positive things, like, 'I'm having a great time.'"

"And they shout 'yeah' a lot," guitarist Mark Prendergast adds. "And sometimes it's during a quiet, acoustic song."

"You're my boy, Blue!" Garrigan says, laughing. "It's only in America," Prendergast says. "And you have to love it."

For info on Kodaline's "All I Want" music video and Prendergast's story about dropping out of college while living with his parents and somehow managing to keep them in the dark for an entire year, watch the interview above.