Days after Lady Gaga premiered new song "Gypsy" live in Berlin, the singer's global ARTPOP promotion continued with the release of new track "Venus" and two eyebrow-raising gigs in England.

"Venus" is a theatrical, schizophrenic electro-pop thumper providing a new hook at every sonic shift. Listen above as Mother Monster sings fantastical lyrics about oysters, the Greek goddess Aphrodite and her "famous ass."

The 27-year-old performed her new track twice during her weekend stay in the UK.

Gaga took the "Venus" lyric "Act sleazy" literally at London nightclub G-A-Y, where the controversial singer flashed her vagina to the cheering crowd before stripping completely naked. Watch a NSFW Instagram video where Gaga flashes her muffin here and see NSFW pics of Gaga baring all here.

Gaga also performed "Venus" and new single "Do What U Want" on the UK version of The X Factor (below). The 27-year-old delivered a choreography-heavy live rendition, but the most notable aspect of the night came post-performance. 

When The X Factor host asked if she and show judge Sharon Osbourne, who called the singer "desperate" and labeled her Little Monsters "hideously damaging, hurtful and violent" after a public feud with daughter Kelly, were cool, Gaga responded by running offstage for an on-air hug.

"I didn't know, but she is truly a goddess!" Gaga proclaimed of Mama Osbourne, ending a feud with at least one member of the family. Kelly, what say you?