October 7, 2013


Thanks to M.I.A., Real Versace Is Now Based on Counterfeit Versace


For everyone out there who wishes they could pay high-end prices for counterfeit-quality goods, you're in luck! M.I.A. and Donatella Versace have teamed up to create a line of authentic Versace pieces that are inspired by knock-off Versace products, like the ones you find on city streets.

So yes, this means the actual house of Versace is taking design cues from shoddily-executed counterfeit products and letting those designs inform authentic Versace products. Umm, I guess that's cool?

"I adore the energy of the street, so when M.I.A. proposed to expose the issue of counterfeit Versace pieces by creating a collaboration inspired by these items, I thought it was an incredible idea," Donatella Versace told Women's Wear Daily.

M.I.A. also spoke to WWD about the collaboration, but was more philosophical than comprehensible. "Versace's designs have always been copied, now it's Versace that copies the copies, so those that copy must copy the copies," she said. "So this will continue."

In other words, when the M.I.A. x Versus Versace line drops October 16, the snakes on the head of the Versace logo Medusa will eat their own tails until a fashion world singularity is produced.