October 28, 2013


Michael Jackson Doctor Conrad Murray Released From Jail After 2 Years

Robyn Beck-Pool/Getty Images
Robyn Beck-Pool/Getty Images

Three weeks after a jury found concert promoter AEG Live not liable in the death of Michael Jackson, Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray, was released from prison after serving two years of his four-year sentence.

Murray was convicted in 2011 of causing the superstar's death by supplying Jackson with an overdose of Propofol, a strong anesthetic and sleep aid.

As AP notes, Jackson continues to appeal the verdict, even as his license to practice medicine has been suspended or revoked in three states.

Murray has not publicly stated if he will continue to practice medicine or pursue other interests. His attorney said earlier this year, "Dr. Murray has not received any special treatment in jail and in fact has many less privileges than most inmates because of his notoriety. "He is very much looking forward to his release and getting on with his life."