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A Very Miley Cyrus Halloween: 7 Ways to Dress Like the 'Bangerz' Star

Dress like the twerking pop tart this Halloween—very few clothes required!

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Twerk or Treat

Miley Cyrus' striptease/performance/world's longest tongue contest at last year's MTV VMAs was not only the standout moment of the show, but it might also be the standout pop music moment of last year... we're still talking about the set! It's no wonder that Miley was one of 2013's most popular Halloween costumes. Don't fret—you're not late to the party! Her Bangerz tour has kept her outfits top of mind and her looks are so iconic, we're sure there will be plenty Cyrus this year as well.

In case you don't want to wear a foam finger all night (it's probably pretty hard to hold a drink with one of those), here's a handy guide for how to be seven different versions of Miley this October 31, ranging in various degrees of undress. But if you do want to wear a foam finger all night, don't worry, VMA Miley is in there, too. You'll have to learn the twerking on your own, though.

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Rock Out With Your Tongue Out

Getty Images; TwinnyPrint on Etsy

Miley CyrusBangerz wardrobe is out of this world, just take a peek at some of our hot shots from the tour.  If wearing a bare bones leotard isn’t your thing (does the world really need to see your crotch?) try out homegirl’s Miley face dress. They’re cheap, plentiful on Etsy, and you could feasibly rock these bad boys all the time. A costume that finds itself in your regular rotation? Yes please!

If you really want to go all out Miley, we suggest investing in a Bedazzler and really going at your tank tee. Not only will you look so perfect with her gorgeous mug on your tummy, you’ll shine bright like a diamond. What more could you ask for?

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Unicorn Onesie Twerking Miley

The video that started it all. Months before "We Can't Stop" and the foam finger assault, Miley Cyrus uploaded a curious black-and-white video of her twerking in a unicorn onesie... and the world was never the same.

Lucky for twerking and onesie fans alike, Topshop has the very unicorn onesie that Miley butt-danced in, and it can be all yours for only $72. If that's too much to spend on a Halloween costume, don't forget that you'll have a unicorn onesie in your closet. That's priceless.

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"23" Miley

Michael Jordan traditionalists, beware. Miley Cyrus did some really naughty things with the famous 23 jersey in Mike WiLL Made-It's "23" video--mainly, she cut it up and made a two piece out of it. Sacrilege!

In case you're not that handy with a sewing machine but you still want to rep the Bulls and Miley this Halloween, here's an easier option. Pick up a Michael Jordan jersey (you can get a knock off for cheap on eBay), some white nail polish and gold hoop earrings. Boom: rachet in three steps or less.

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"Wrecking Ball" Miley

After the flesh-covered latex underwear she wore to the VMAs, Miley continued her (almost) nude streak this year when she released her revealing "Wrecking Ball" video. We'll never look at another sledgehammer the same again.

For most of the video, we see the Bangerz singer either crying in a close-up or riding a wrecking ball naked. But for about 30 seconds, Miley's actually wearing some clothes! And all you'll need to recreate the outfit is a cheap men's undershirt (cut it in half), some tighty whiteys, a beat-up pair of combat boots and a bold red lip. Oh, and if they'll let you into the Halloween party you're going to with it, the sledgehammer is a nice touch.

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VMA Miley

Getty Images

Instead of spending hours in the gym and giving up all those delicious carbs to fit into the tight teddy bear bodysuit Miley wore to the VMAs, here's an easier way to do it: Just buy the t-shirt.

Miley's infamous teddy bear one-piece is available in t-shirt form on Amazon for $18. Throw in the foam finger, a gold chain and some hair ties (for the mini hair buns, naturally), and there you go, the lazy man's VMA Miley. No carb-cutting required.

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Hannah Montana

Getty Images

Even though she told the world Hannah Montana was "murdered" on Saturday Night Live, you can still relive the old Miley Cyrus days with a throwback costume.

Never one to shy away from a questionably decorated jacket, grab a Bedazzler (you'll need it for a lot of these looks) and an old denim jacket and get to work. Don't forget the long blonde wig and the microphone, and then roll glitter all over your face for the full effect. Bonus points if you strip down Superman-style into the "Wrecking Ball" look later in the night.

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Nakey Miley?

@mileycyrus on instagram

Alright, alright, we’ll level with you. Miley Cyrus is known for her weird fashions, but she’s known even more for her lack thereof: Basically, she’s naked, and like, all the time. Whether your Halloween plans land you at fraternity row in Arizona or some swanky house party on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, going in the nude is sure to turn some heads. I mean, it’s cheap because it’s free, and you’ll be the number one badass of your social scene. What more could you ask for? Halloween is approaching, better get on those squats! Bonus points if you bring your bathtub with you.

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