October 7, 2013


So Bad It's Good: The 5 Best Lyrics in Paris Hilton's "Good Time"

Paris Hilton's single "Good Time," featuring Lil Wayne, recently hit the Internet, and it kind of reminds us of a Pet Rock—it's so simple, why didn't we think of it first and make millions of dollars?

Cash Money's newest signee is giving the whole music thing another stab with her upcoming album, due out this fall. Back in 2006, she released her debut album Paris, and the lead single, "Stars Are Blind," was surprisingly one of the best pop hits of the year. 

Can "Good Time" follow suit? It's definitely EDM-inspired—the dance heavy track was produced by Afrojack—so at least we can say it's current. But the lyrics? Paris told Fuse News that she's really proud of them, but we'll let you decide. 

Listen to the song and see if you agree with our favorite so-bad-they're-good "Good Time" lyrics below.

"Are you having a good time?/ 'Cause I'm having a good time." Straight, to-the-point, no-nonsense. Well... are you having a good time?

"I came here just to party/ Oh, please don't you hate on me." Paris has definitely dealt with her share of haters, so maybe it's time she address them. Empowering!

"I'm talking paparazzi/ I don't really give a f-ck." Paparazzi: the opposite of a good time.

"If you're not here to party/ Move and get out of my way." All the people who aren't here to party can follow the haters out the door to the place where there are no good times being had.

"I'm f-cked up/ I can't tell you what's what/ All she know is suck, f-ck/ I walked up to a big butt/ And asked her ass, 'But what?'" Lil Wayne never disappoints.