October 9, 2013


Pearl Jam Go Soft on 'Lightning Bolt': The 7 Most Sensitive Lyrics

Isifa/Getty Images
Isifa/Getty Images

After hearing the punk attack of lead single "Mind Your Manners" this summer and learning Pearl Jam's 10th album was titled Lighting Bolt, we were expecting a scorching return to their hard-rocking past. Instead, this new album from the grunge vets is even softer than 2009's Backspacer (which is very, very soft).

Lightning Bolt is heavily influenced by Eddie Vedder's growing penchant for folk-rock and acoustic strummers. Case in point: One of these songs—"Sleeping By Myself"—is originally from Vedder's solo effort Ukulele Songs. And this version doesn't rock much harder. 

Of course, Vedder's latest LP features some memorably introspective lyrics that you'll enjoy pondering. But it also features some tender little lines that verge on treacle. From a children's book-styled song about the big "Yellow Moon" to a track that rhymes "lovely breast" with "her nest," here are seven Surprisingly Soft Lyrics on Pearl Jam's Lightning Bolt. Thanks, Teddy Vedder!

7. "For every choice, mistake I made, it is not my plan / To see you in the arms of another man / And if you choose to stay, I'll wait, I'll understand"

- "Sirens"

6. "I can feel the rush, I could clear the clouds / I could set the needles spinning love"

- "Swallowed Whole"

5. "I've been down and I fell so hard and far from grace / I've been hurt and I still recall the flaws on her face"

- "Let the Records Play"

4. "Moon changing shape and shade / As we all do under its gaze"

- "Yellow Moon"

3." Oh I'll be sleeping by myself tonight / Forever be sad and lonely / Forever never be the same / Oh, I close my eyes and wait for a sign / Am I just waiting in vain?"

- "Sleeping By Myself"

2. "Back when I was feeling broken / I focused on a prayer, you came deep from the ocean"

- "Future Days"

1. "She holds her lovely breast as her birds fall from her nest / Flying towards the great northwest"

- "Lighting Bolt"