October 30, 2013


R. Kelly Rep Refutes Impersonator Charges

Vallery Jean/FilmMagic
Vallery Jean/FilmMagic

Earlier this week, the "R" in R. Kelly apparently stood for "Ruse," as stories began to circle about the singer sending an impersonator in his place at a Louisiana show.

A representative for R. Kelly told Fuse at the time that the person on stage was, in fact, R. Kelly and that the event was billed as an "appearance," not a full concert. Now, Kellz' rep has issued a lengthier account to Fuse of what he says actually happened.

"Contrary to speculation on social media and in some news accounts, R. Kelly did appear at the 'Ced's All Black Affair Birthday Extravaganza' event in Monroe, Louisiana on Saturday, October 26, 2013," says the rep. "This event was put on by local promoter Ced Johnson and was not an R. Kelly concert.

"R. Kelly was only engaged by Mr. Johnson to host/appear at the event for a period of one hour (which he did) and the agreement specified that R. Kelly’s appearance was not to be promoted using the words 'Show, Live, Concert Or Performing, Up Close & Personal.' 

"As event host, R. Kelly grabbed the microphone and hyped up the crowd for approximately 10 minutes, which included singing snippets of 4-5 songs karaoke style to the music spun by the DJ hired by the promoter. 

"R. Kelly regrets any upset experienced by his fans and is currently investigating his legal remedies to the extent anyone may have led attendees to believe the event was to include an R. Kelly concert performance."

So just to recap: In 2013, we can encode the entire DNA of a fetus but we're not sure if an actual R. Kelly appeared at a show.