October 24, 2013


Top 40 Showdown: Justin Bieber vs. One Direction in a Dead-Heat Race

Getty Images, 2
Getty Images, 2

With Justin Bieber's Nicki Minaj collabo "Beauty and a Beat" facing off against One Direction's inescapably catchy "Best Song Ever" in our Top 40 of 2013 poll, it's an unbelievably tight race toward deciding the Best Video of 2013.

Given how dedicated fans of JB and 1D are, we're not surprised it's close—but seriously, right now, it's 50% for Bieber vs. 50% for One Direction. This is a dead heat race and there's no clear winner. It's Beliebers vs. Directioners in a fight for fan-voted victory.

Round 1 of the poll wraps up this Monday at 6PM ET on the dot, so there's an entire weekend ahead of voting that will decide whether Bieber or 1D pulls ahead, wins this thing and moves on to Round 2. Until then, it's anyone's bet as to whose fans make the final push for victory.