October 22, 2013


Tyga & Justin Bieber Unleash Slow Sex Jam "Wait for a Minute"

California rapper Tyga and Canadian god Justin Bieber have joined forces on "Wait for a Minute," a subtle, sexy jam that's sure to soundtrack many a teenage groping session. Thankfully for Beliebers, this is a much stronger offering than JB's recently-released "Hold Tight," the synth-y track he put out Monday that just didn't seem to gel. 

But Bieber's voice sounds fantastic over the finger-snap rhythms and easy-grooving bass line on "Wait for a Minute." As for main act Tyga, he scores a great line with, "I'm a young star but my money look Yoda." Gotta love a good Star Wars reference. 

The 23-year-old rapper explained wanting to work with the teen heartthrob in an interview with Power 106: "I just felt it was great to do a record with him at this turning point in his career. [Believe] reminds me of when Timberlake got with Pharrell."

Although Vibe says this song was originally intended for Bieber, Tyga managed to nab it as the lead single on his upcoming The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty, which drops next spring. In the meantime, listen to "Wait for a Minute" above.