October 17, 2013


What Are the Top 40 Videos of 2013?

#1We've Got the Top 40 Vids of the Year and We Need Your Help!

2013 has been quite the banner year for music videos. The year's top artists have made us squeal with delight—Katy Perry's turn as Queen of the Jungle in "Roar," cry—Rihanna's bare and vulnerable display in "Stay," turned up on the controversy heat—Robin Thicke's erotic "Blurred Lines" and much, much more!

We've watched them all—and we finally have one badass list to present to you. Check out these incredible feats of entertainment—and straight up works of art—and let us know what you think.

Which artist's video truly spoke to you? You know you love it, you know why, now let the world know by voting right now, right here!

After you're done casting your votes, be sure to check back to see who stays, who goes and who finally made it all the way through to win Best Video of 2013! The artist with the #1 music video will be revealed on the televised Top 40 countdown in December on Fuse TV. 

Who will be the new heir to the Top 40 throne? There can only be one King or Queen... And it's on! 

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