October 21, 2013


The Easiest "What Does the Fox Say?" Halloween Costume Ever

This year will be one to remember for many reasons. First of all, twerking. Also, Norwegian duo Ylvis attempted to answer one of life's great mysteries: What does the fox say?

The EDM-inspired parody video featuring grown men dressed as animals yelling weird sounds in the woods garnered over 145 million views. The popularity of the song even earned the talk show hosts-turned-pop stars appearances on Ellen and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. So it makes sense that fox costume sales have reportedly risen nearly 40% since last year. 

But instead of commissioning your mom to sew you an elaborate custom costume that would require way too many trips to her house (and inevitable annoying chores like fixing her wireless router), go the easy and cheap way out. We found the above headband on Etsy for $10, and you can pick up brown face paint (for the fox nose) at any party supply store for around $3. 

Thirteen bucks later, and you can make like the "What Does the Fox Say?" video and start yelling nonsense sounds at random strangers. But be careful of the revelers dressed in Miley Cyrus costumes—they're armed with sledgehammers

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