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10 Craziest House Parties in Movie History

With Fuse premiering 'House Party 5: Tonight's the Night' on Nov. 29, we're looking back at the wildest on-screen house parties from 'Animal House' to 'Superbad'

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One sheet movie poster advertises the comedy 'House Party' (New Line Cinema), directed by Reginals Hudlin and starring Christ
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Parents are out of town. A frat needs to raise money. Someone's trying to get lucky. There are countless reasons to throw a house party, and there are just as many movies celebrating the all-American teenage tradition.

On November 29, the film series devoted to that ritual returns when Fuse debuts House Party 5: Tonight's the Night at 8p/7c. And yes, unlike the fourth installment in the series, Kid 'n Play—the pioneering rapper-actor duo that starred in the first three—are back for House Party 5... because it just ain't a house party without them.

From Animal House to Superbad to Sixteen Candles, here's the 10 Craziest House Parties in Movie History.

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'House Party 3' (1994)

It's not the finest entry in the series, but it does have one thing no other on-screen house party does: TLC!!! The Atlanta trio play hard-hitting rap act Sex As a Weapon and are totally incredible to watch in action. Plus, Bernie Mac and Chris Tucker (in his first film appearance) are along for the ride as Kid 'n Play try to bring a bachelor party together.  

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'Project X' (2012)

What's scarier than no one showing up to your party? Everyone showing up to your party because you put an ad on Craigslist. Filmed from the perspective of a partygoer and using fresh-faced actors, Project X's depiction of teenage partying was extreme enough that every critic over the age of 30 decried it as evil. That didn't stop everyone under 20 from seeing it.

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'Bachelor Party' (1984)

The movie Tom Hanks would like to forget (he starred in this bro-y comedy on the cusp of super-stardom) is also one of the classic '80s comedies. The titular bachelor party involves a hotel-room orgy that was one of the wildest things depicted in a mainstream movie at the time. Plus, the New Wave soundtrack is incredible.

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'American Pie' (1999)

Not many movies take the title of a beloved classic rock song and force our collective consciousness to re-associate it with the image of a teenage boy banging an apple pie. This is one of those rare gems. The senior year house party that wraps the movie finds characters discovering themselves, their sexuality and the sexuality of their friend's all-too-attractive mother. Most house parties don't end this way, and our country is better for it.

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'Old School' (2003)

Old School's Mitch-A-Palooza brought Vince Vaughn, Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell guest performer Snoop Dogg together for an extremely enviable house party. It also introduced the world to the wisdom of Frank the Tank, who explained, "Once it hits your lips, it's so good."

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'House Party 2' (1991)

While it's not exactly inside a house (it takes place in a university dining hall), the throwdown in House Party 2 is a legendary entry in the teenage party movie scene canon. Why? PAJAMA JAM!!!! The turnt up performance from Kid 'n Play doesn't hurt, either.

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'Sixteen Candles' (1984)

The senior dance after-party in John Hughes' classic Sixteen Candles is great, but the scene depicting the damage done to Jake Ryan's house the next morning is even more memorable. Crumpled cans, hungover people, underwear and a half-eaten pizza sitting on his turntable while the needle desperately tries to play the 'za like it's a record. God bless John Hughes.

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'Superbad' (2007)

Any party that ends in a fistfight because of menstruation and grinding is... probably not a party you want to go to, but definitely a blast to watch and laugh at. Plus, how many house parties have Michael Cera singing the Guess Who's "These Eyes"? Classic.

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'Animal House' (1978)

The wild toga party in National Lampoon's Animal House is the bash that set the standard for insane on-screen parties for the next three decades, be they high school, college or bachelor. This trend-setting film is the gross-out comedy that all others are measured by.

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'House Party' (1990)

The mother of all house party movies is appropriately titled House Party. With a killer dance-off (above), a freestyle rap battle and plenty of hook-ups, this 1990 comedy starring real-life hip hop duo Kid 'n Play is hilarious, exuberant and unforgettable.

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