November 21, 2013


Everything You Need to Know About One Direction's "1D Day"

To celebrate the release of One Direction's new album Midnight Memories, the UK boy band wonders have declared a worldwide "1D Day." According to just-released deets, it's a dream come true for Directioners around the globe. Find out why with Fuse's handy-dandy question and answer fact sheet below.

What exactly is"1D Day"? 1D Day is a seven-hour live stream event, hosted by the the band, featuring behind-the-scenes footage, brand new songs and even attempts to break world records. Sounds wild!  

Where can I watch "1D Day"? The event will be streaming via YouTube and Google+.

Do I have to watch the event live? Can I watch it later on YouTube? No, you don't have to watch it live; video footage will presumably be available on YouTube after the event. But if possible, you should watch live. At different points throughout the broadcast, Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayne will surprise fans by dropping into their Google+ Hangouts and chatting face-to-face live!

But I live in Kuwait! Can I still watch? Lucky for you, the event is streaming 62 countries around the world! Including Kuwait!

Will there be special guests? Yep! Simon Cowell, Kelly Rowland, Celine Dion, the Muppets and more all appear on "1D Day."

When does the broadcast start? Saturday, November 23, and 2 P.M. EST. 

But that's, like, 36 hours away!? How do I feed my 1D craving until then? Good question! Check out the 11 must-read One Direction fan fiction stories, take the ultimate 1D trivia quiz or peruse the 10 most swoon-worthy lyrics on Midnight Memories.