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49 Best Holiday Gifts for Music Lovers

From Gaga nail decals to Jay Z crocodile jackets, here are the essential gifts to give to your music-loving friends and family members

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The holidays are upon us yet again and, yet again, we are beginning to freak out over what to get our friends, significant others and family members. Fear not, though. We scoured the Net to find the best gifts to give, ranging from affordable to 1%-er, pop to rock to hip hop, music to musical accessories. It's all here. Ease into your chair and get your credit card ready. Let's do this.

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Nirvana Smiley Earbuds

Cost: $9.98

Why Buy it?: Nothing else can put you in a better mood during the holidays than these Nirvana Smiley Earbuds. Made for a Nirvana fan who’s always listening to music on-the-go!

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Lady Gaga ArtPop Teaser T-Shirt

Cost: $30

Why Buy It?: While every ARTPOP image Lady Gaga has released has been appropriately oddball, something about this pic of the Mother Monster naked with a white gas mask-type-thing over her face is utterly indelible. Give this to everyone you know, so this inimitable photograph can live on their chests just as it does in our collective unconscious.

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One Direction Christmas Jumper

Cost: $69.99

Why Buy It?: What induces more joy than the Holiday season? One Direction, naturally. But since 1D haven’t recorded an album of Christmas carols yet (fingers crossed for 2014), this festive jumper should suffice in getting the fashion-loving Directioner in your life into the highest of holiday spirits. Because if Harry Styles can’t keep you warm, at least knitwear can.

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GOOD Music Hoodie

Cost: $160

Why Buy It?: Kanye West's label GOOD Music specializes in making artists go gold. Thus, wearing this hoodie will likely do the same for your friends. Gold teacher, gold fireman, gold professional cosplayer: the future awaits…

Buy It Here

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Nicki Minaj Women's Bomber Jacket - Chain Print

Cost: $29.99

Why Buy It?: You know the saying, "if you can't afford actual gold chains, opt for the printed-on version?" Yeah, neither do we. But nevertheless, this Nicki bomber jacket featuring chain print is the obvious choice for that special gold lover in your life. Plus, it has "subtle stretch that conforms to your figure," making this gift a no-brainer.

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Eminem Berzerk Boombox Metal Keychain

Cost: $10

Why Buy it?: Keys looking less than interesting these days? Purchase this new Eminem keychain inspired by his latest single “Berzerk”.  People will appreciate your taste in music and funky house keys.

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Imagine Dragons Red Moon Tote Bag

Cost: $30

Why Buy It?: Everyone has a bag lady friend. Don’t deny it! We just suggest you buy her a sweet Imagine Dragons canvas tote to make her other bags look less…..visible. 

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Nirvana's 'In Utero' 20th Anniversary Reissue

Cost: $49.99

Why Buy It?: This massive 20th anniversary reissue of Nirvana’s third and final album is everything a Nirvana fan could dream of and then some. No seriously, everything. The three-disc deluxe edition includes two mixes of In Utero plus more than 40 unearthed demos, B-sides, live bootlegs, rehearsal recordings, and never-before-heard instrumentals. The CD edition also includes a DVD of rare footage, including Nirvana’s 1993 Live & Loud performance, widely regarded as the band’s greatest recorded set. 

The whole lot is packaged with special notes, rare letters, and handwritten lyrics from Kurt Cobain and others. You’d be wise to pick this up for someone, but you would be even wiser to grab a second copy for yourself.

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Beyonce World Tour Exclusive Fragrance "Heat"

Cost: $60.00

Why Buy It?: This Queen B celebrity scent is certainly not for everyone; it was created that way! This aquamarine bottle was designed to only enter the hands of your pals lucky enough to catch Bey in action on her Mrs. Carter World Tour. No plebs allowed. And that's a good thing, because who doesn't enjoy the feelings of grandeur that go hand in hand with exclusivity?  The perfume is said to "emulate 'THE POWER, PASSION AND PLAYFULNESS' PUT INTO EACH PERFORMANCE."  Hopefully this does not mean that the fragrance contains notes of sweaty fans and general stadium smell. But this is Beyonce we're talking about! Either way, your pal is gunna smell fierce this Christmas.

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Legends, Icons & Rebels: Music That Changed the World

Cost: $21.17

Why Buy It?: Are you a millennial who loves rockin’ to old jams? Or maybe a 70’s child who enjoys legendary tracks? Purchase this new book that includes insights from the industry insiders. Be in the know.

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Graham Nash's 'Wild Tales: A Rock & Roll Life'

Cost: $18.88

Why Buy It?: Graham Nash fan? So are we! The rock & roll life is usually kept secret but Nash reveals it all in his latest biography “Wild Tales: A Rock & Roll Life”. 

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Karaoke System With 7-Inch Color Screen and Record Function

Cost: $134.99

Why Buy It?: For the person who’s an normal citizen by day and self-proclaimed pop sensation by night, this karaoke system with recording capabilities is the perfect way to support their fantasies of stardom. Just make sure you have an excuse ready for the weekly karaoke parties they’ll inevitably be planning.

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SONOS PLAY:1 Compact Wireless Speaker for Streaming Music

Cost: $199.00

Why Buy It?: With a nice, sleek design, this compact speaker is perfect for the listener who needs to save space while still packing a musical punch. Wirelessly stream iTunes, online radio, and more while controlling the music remotely from your phone—maybe even place a few around the house to make your dance party really dynamic.

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Jay Z's 'The Blueprint' 10th Anniversary Vinyl

Cost: $36

Why Buy It?: This is an obvious one for any Jay Z fan—so, pretty much everyone. In commemoration of the 2001 release of his groundbreaking album The Blueprint, Hova is selling this limited edition, numbered blue vinyl version of the LP. There are only 2001 copies, obvs, so be sure to snap this one up ASAP. And even if your pal isn't a fan of this particular Jay album, the blue is totally gorgeous and evokes other beautiful things like blue diamonds, blue Lamborghinis (with blue rims!) and Blue Ivy. So, you're totally covered!

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'Eminent Hipsters' by Donald Fagen

Cost: $19.02

Why Buy It?: Book junkie? Steely Dan co-founder Donald Fagen writes an entertaining book about all the “eminent hipsters” he’s met throughout his life. You might be surprised about what you read in this one!

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Velvet Underground's 'White Light/White Heat' 45th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition

Exploded Deluxe

Cost: $65

Why Buy It?: Rock legend and Velvet Underground co-founder Lou Reed may be sadly gone, but his legacy lives on with with this 3CD set of the Velvets' groundbreaking second album. This set includes both the original stereo and mono releases with alternate versions, unreleased outtakes and a full set of the band's vaunted show at New York's The Gymnasium on April 30, 1967.

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Lady Gaga Applause Waterslide Nail Decals

Cost: $8.95

Why Buy It?: Who’s been a good Little Monster this year? While all Lady Gaga fans are naturally a bit naughty, surely there are at least a few of your pals that deserve something nice. Get them these delightfully bizarre nail decals featuring their Mother at her most delightfully bizarre best. Any real fan wants to stand out in a crowd—and this gift will make that happen. Even Gaga herself would be proud.  

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Trukfit Stripe Fly Trap Hoodie

Cost: $78

Why Buy It?: With a funky floral pattern and bold stripes, this hoodie from Lil Wayne’s Trukfit collection is sure to help even the most drab of wardrobes turn up. What do you get when trap meets trendy? A great gift for a stylish friend.

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Rihanna Turtleneck Cut-Out Bodysuit

Cost: $48.50

Why Buy It?: Want to look like Rihanna? Yeah, join the club. Fortunately, her newest collection for River Island helps us get just a little bit closer. Just pair this slinky number with a high-waisted pencil skirt or a pair of black skinny jeans and then po’ it up, po’ it up.

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'Tune In: The Beatles: All These Years' by Mark Lewisohn

Cost: $23.95

Why Buy It?: Have a friend who can’t get enough of the Beatles? The answer is clearly yes, so pick up this first volume of Beatles historian Mark Lewinsohn’s new biographical series on the Fab Four. From childhood to the beginnings of their career, this book is full of obscure and exciting facts that will keep even the most rabid fans fascinated. 

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Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Swimbuds Bundle

Cost: $149.95

Why Buy It?: For the friend who just can’t put down her music, this completely waterproof iPod and Swimbuds bundle will be like a breathe of fresh air. Take it to the beach, the pool, or the bathtub, wherever you want—we think it’ll turn out better than the time you dropped your phone in the toilet.

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Eminem Berzerk Single Cover Art T-Shirt

Cost: $25

Why Buy It?: Eminem fans! Exercise your passion for Eminem’s latest single “Berzerk” by rockin’ his cover art tee. Wear it to any party for a great ice-breaker! 

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Nicki Minaj Perfume "Minajesty"

Cost: $59.50

Why Buy It?: Britney perfumes are so 2004. It's 2013, and we're now clearly in the Minajesty. That means buying the celebrity scent wearer in your life this terrifying little gold bust of Nicki Minaj filled with her "sultry" new fragrance. "Rule your queendom!" We have absolutely no idea what that means, just go with it.

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Rihanna "Rogue" Bracelets Gift Set

Cost: $49

Why Buy It?: Right now you're probably wondering, "but WHICH celebrity perfume is right for my special someone?" While this is a deep, even cavernous, question that could take weeks to break down, let us sell you on "ROGUE" for now. First off, it's TWO gifts in one! The princess in your life deserves royal accoutrements and this gift brings it. In addition to a fragrance that "captures the mischievous nature that lies within every woman," your precious one will also get four (!) stylishly spiky and bejeweled bracelets. Now that spells L.O.V.E.

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Nicki Minaj urBeats Earbuds

Cost: $99.95

Why Buy It?: The girly girl who enjoys loud music will love the new urBeats pink earbuds. They have tangle-free cables to save you 20 minutes each time you decide to listen to music and are a great pink shade.

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Casio LK165 Lighted Keyboard Pack With Headphones, Power Supply, and Stand

Cost: $149.95

Why Buy It?: Because there's no greater gift to a child (besides money) than the gift of music, bestow upon your kid (or kid at heart) this lighted keyboard that will have them playing "Chopsticks" and more in no time. 

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'Nothing Was the Same' September 24 OVO Sweatshirt by Drake

Cost: $37

Why Buy It?: It’s bold, it’s simple, and it’s stantastic. For the Drake fan who wants to immortalize the release of Drizzy’s new album Nothing Was the Same, this shirt is the way to go. It’s October’s Very Own way to keep warm during those chilly fall and winter months.

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Olympus ME-52W Noise Canceling Microphone

Cost: $12.95

Why Buy It?: Background noise has been an enemy of music-lovers for decades. Solution? The Olympus ME-52 Noise Cancellation Microphone. Know a singer/rapper that practices their skills at home? They’d appreciate this microphone and so will their YouTube following! 

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Monster DNA On-Ear Headphones

Cost: $169.95

Why Buy It?: Everyone knows one of the most important parts of enjoying music is looking stylish while you do it. That’s why these colorful headphones are a perfect mix of funk and functionality—pick a pair to match even the pickiest friend’s style preferences.

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Grateful Dead Lunch Box

Cost: $14.99

Why Buy It?: The problem: You have Grateful Dead bootlegs, hats, lighters and assorted other paraphernalia, but nowhere to put it. The solution: This lunchbox perfect for any deadhead. Turn your kid into a future fan or use it yourself to show your true hippie colors. 

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32 / 50

Bob Marley Chrome Zippo Lighter

Cost: $24.99

Why Buy It?: The reggae legend was never shy about lighting up and extolled the virtues of certain smoked substances. So it makes sense that Zippo would design a lighter in his honor.

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Justin Bieber Boyfriend Singing Toothbrush

Cost: $14.95

Why Buy It?: Are any of your friends still rocking the 2011 JB singing toothbrush model featuring vintage Bieber hair? If so, it's time for an upgrade. This new and improved model features the current signature Justin bang spikes and sings "Boyfriend." Bet your pals were getting sick of listening to "Baby" every time they had to brush their teeth! Also, this one has waaay less bacteria! A win/win for everyone!

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Guitar Pro 6

Cost: $40

Why Buy It?: Honestly, who doesn't have secret machinations of ruling the world through their God-given gift of powerful and epic guitar skillz? This gift will help your guitarist BFF compose their sweet, sweet soundz. So, it's basically the gift of ruling the world.

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Avril Lavigne DVD Collector's Box

Cost: $19.69

Why Buy It?: Last year, you gave your Avril Lavigne fan pal a jar of pink hair dye. We know that was a winner, but now you have to step up your game. This 2-DVD set features documentary footage and previously unreleased interviews from everyone's favorite former (or possibly current) mall rat. Sk8er boi 4 lyfe.\

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'Bob Dylan: The Complete Album Collection Vol. 1'

Cost: $279 - $319

Why Buy It?: So much has been written and released about Bobby D, but this may be the most comprehensive set to date. Available via CD and USB, the collection contains 35 studio albums, 6 live albums, a 2-CD compilation of tracks not on the original albums and extensive liner notes for each album. 

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'One Direction: Going Our Way' Documentary

Cost: $4.24

Why Buy It?: For the 1D fan who has already seen the 3D movie, bought the new album, doused all of his/her belongings in the fragrance, and tattooed the names of all the band members on his/her body: give this DVD a shot. Though unauthorized, this biography is bound to be a welcome gift to any die-hard Directioner.

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GALAXY Note 10.1 (2014 Edition)

Cost: Starts at $549.99

Why Buy It?: With a 10-inch display and great audio/video quality, this Samsung tablet is great for people who want to watch music videos on the go. There are both WiFi and LTE options for those who need nonstop music and want to enjoy a number of other fun features. It’s a fun new way for a hipster to get a little too technical.

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The Beatles: Sea of Holes - Table Lamp

Cost: $40

Why Buy It?: Light up with this Beatles lamp taken during the band's trippy Yellow Submarine period. This lamp includes the Fab Four as their iconic animated selves alongside the evil Blue Meanies.

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Gangsta Rap Coloring Book

Cost: $8

Why Buy It?: The Gangsta Rap Coloring Book is a hilarious juxtaposition of your favorite thug rappers as drawn through a child's coloring book. What started out as a self-published underground hit has become a full-fledged sensation.

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Lady Gaga Meat Adhesive Bandages

Cost: $10

Why Buy It?: If you've got a lady in your life as fierce as Lady Gaga, then she likely has a vast collection of excruciatingly uncomfortable shoes. Uncomfortable shoes = lots and lots of nasty blisters. Get her these Gaga-inspired meat bandages to slap over inflamed skin so she can keep strutting her stuff in style.

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Just Dance 2014 - Nintendo Wii U

Cost: $39.99 –$49.99

Why Buy It?: With hits from Lady Gaga, Daft Punk, Rihanna, and more, Just Dance is the latest game in the series to provide original moves to the latest songs we all love. It’s also a more justifiable alternative to dancing in the mirror, though we totally recommend both anyway.

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Glee: The Complete Fourth Season

Cost: $29.99

Why Buy It?:  For a friend who constantly breaks out in song everywhere you go, shut them up with the complete fourth season of Glee. They can finally sit quietly and enjoy the combination of dance and song.

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DJ Turntable Cufflinks

Cost: $54.99

Why Buy It?: For the person who likes to pop champagne with a pinky out, these fancy turntable cufflinks are a snazzy mix of classy and cool. And people always appreciate a new excuse to bring up their vinyl collection. You can be an enabler just this once.

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'Wild Style' 30th Anniversary Collector's Edition

Cost: $25

Why Buy It?: Hip hop heads who haven't seen this 1983 cult classic need to pick this one up ASAP. Charlie Ahearn's film about a graffiti artist who becomes the hit of the hip hop and art world is one of the earliest, and most famous, documents of hip hop.

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Black Silicone Guitar Spatula

Cost: $11.99

Why Buy It?: For the person who wants to feel like a rock star in the morning but can’t afford a coke and booze breakfast, this guitar-shaped spatula is the perfect way to make someone feel famous. Just don’t let them use the sausage to drum this time.

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One Direction Wall Banner Vinyl Decal

Cost: $9.99

Why Buy It?: Do you wish you could take One Direction with you everywhere you go? Er, we mean, does your FRIEND wish that he/she could do that? Fear not. These vinyl decals come in a range of sizes, so you can plant the boys’ faces on your MacBook, on your wall, or where ever else you deem worthy. Bless you, Etsy.

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Jay Z Rick Owens Crocodile Jacket

Cost: $58,000

Why Buy It?: For that Jay Z fan in your life that has everything except a $58,000 jacket made out of crocodile, your gift list is complete. The jacket's description says it all: "Pair it with everything from sweats to sharkskin."

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Coldplay Boxed Coaster Set

Cost: $10.99

Why Buy It?: There no better gift for your favorite OCD-afflicted Coldplay-loving friend than this boxed coaster set featuring some of the band's greatest album covers. Each coaster features a “heat resistant, wipe clean design with a cork backing," so your pal can delight in cleanliness while enjoying the sights of his favorite LPs!

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Dj Cat Scratching Pad

Cost: $35

Why Buy It?: Have you been scratching your head furiously trying to figure out what to get for all the audiophile/cat lovers you know? Well, scratch no more, as your pal's cats are the ones who will be doing the scratching! This DJ cat scratching pad combines all the cool of a legit turntable with all the "awww" of hundreds of hours of Internet memes! Xmas WIN.

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