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Jay-Z's 11 Best Live Collabos: Watch Em All

From The Roots to Pearl Jam to Phish (?!), the hip-hop titan has performed with everyone. Celebrate Hov's birthday with our video special 'HBD Jay-Z' Monday, Dec. 4 at 9AM

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Rick Ross

During the Miami stop of this year's Legends of the Summer tour, Jay brought out Magna Carta....Holy Grail collaborator Rick Ross to perform "F*ckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt" in Ross' hometown.

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Linkin Park

Jay Z and Linkin Park got along so well, they recorded an whole album together (2004's Collision Course). At an MTV "Ultimate Mash-Up" show in 2004, the band performed "Numb/Encore" with Jay along with more Collision Course cuts.

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R. Kelly

The Best of Both Worlds tour, a 2003 collaborative tour between Jay Z and R. Kelly, ended in disaster, but it didn't mean the two titans didn't perform amazingly together. At Jay's Madison Square Garden show, the duo performed "The Best Of Both Worlds" and "Take You Home With Me (A.K.A. Body)", later shown on Jay's 2004 documentary Fade to Black.

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Jermaine Dupri

At Jermaine Dupri's 20th anniversary show for his label So So Def, the rapper/label exec brought out Jay to perform their 1998 hit "Money Ain't a Thang." The crowd, predictably, goes nuts.

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Justin Timberlake

We've already raved about Jay and Justin's Legends of the Summer tour, but it wasn't their only collaboration. At this year's Wireless Festival in London, Jay brought out the Memphis crooner to perform "Holy Grail."

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The Roots

Jay-Z performs with The Roots on "MTV Unplugged" at the MTV studios in New York City.  11/18/01  Photo by Scott Gries/ImageDi
Scott Gries/ImageDirect via Getty Images

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In 2001, emboldened by the success of The Blueprint, Jay recruited The Roots to help turn some of his greatest hits into live performances on Jay-Z: Unplugged for MTV. It would kickstart numerous performances in which Roots bandleader Questlove would perform with Hov.

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Pearl Jam

At Jay's 2012 Made in America festival, the rapper appeared during Pearl Jam's set to perform "99 Problems" alongside the veteran rockers.

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New Year's Eve. Barclays Center. 2012. During Jay and Coldplay's co-headliner show, Chris Martin comes out to do "Run This Town." It's a great performance, but the highlight is watching Martin's wife Gwyneth Paltrow and their children dance in the background.

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What it lacks in surprise factor, it makes up for in an unforgettable moment. During Beyoncé's performance of "Bow Down" in Brooklyn earlier in 2015, hubby Jay stops by for an impromptu performance of "Tom Ford." Hip-hop's royal couple seals their collabo with, what else, a kiss.

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Phish have been known for unpredictable covers, but in during a 2004 show in Brooklyn, they hocked the crowd by bringing in Jay for live covers of "99 Problems" and "Big Pimpin'."

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Kanye West

When Jay Z and Kanye West embarked on their Watch the Throne tour in 2011/12, there was one song they clearly loved performing more than anything else. As the tour progressed, the number of times they did "N***as in Paris" consecutively increased, culminating in Paris, where the duo performed the track 11 times a row.

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