November 19, 2013


Peter Pan and Bending Over: Big Freedia's 5 Best Non-Twerk Dances

When your mom calls you up and asks if you "saw that twerk thing," you know the dance has officially become mainstream. But casual twerk fans may be surprised to know that twerking is just one small part of bounce music, the New Orleans-based subgenre focused on getting asses moving. We've already given you a history of bounce, but we got Big Freedia, star of Fuse's Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce, to share five other bounce moves you need to know. Read up, start practicing and leave the twerking to the amateurs.

1. Mixing: “It’s like using a mixing bowl. You know how a mixing bowl goes around and around? It’s like that; you move your ass in a circular motion, and it’s just going round and around and around."

2. Exercising: "That’s the one that Miley did [at the VMAs] that she called 'twerking.' It’s where you open your legs, tilt your back over so you’re leaning  forward, and make your butt go side to side."

3. Bend Over: "You put your hands on the floor and make your ass go up and down. It’s just like bouncing a basketball; up and down, up and down. Totally simple."

4. Shoulder Hustle: "That’s where you’re making your shoulders do this workout up and down. You make them rotate and go back and forth.  It’s really about making your arms move."

5. Peter Pan: "That’s where you open your legs to go back and forth. It’s like a Tootsie Roll, where you go in and out, but on a whole other level. This is more consistent because you’re steadily doing it back and forth and doing it way faster than a Tootsie Roll."

Practice those moves and tune in for the finale of Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce this Wednesday, Nov. 20 at 11p/10c on Fuse!