November 26, 2013


Britney Spears' New Album 'Britney Jean' By the Numbers

Last month, Britney Spears promised that her upcoming eighth album, Britney Jean, would be her "most personal yet." But now that we've heard it, we're a bit conflicted. Sure, there are tender ballads and lyrics revealing deep insecurities ("I always felt like a stranger in a crowd," she sings on album opener "Alien"). But mostly it's an EDM-inspired, heavily AutoTuned album with a few heartfelt moments peppered in.

Still, we need to give Brit cred. The girl's never been one to get super-personal in her music—even after a nasty divorce, mental breakdown and losing her kids. So, any personal lyrics hopefully indicate the pop star will open up even more on future records. 

Britney Jean officially drops December 3, but is streaming now on iTunes. We listened and rounded up the most important facts and figures you need to know.

Number of guest features: 3
Britney enlisted a small but strong group of LP guests: exec producer, who drops a verse on "It Should Be Easy"; T.I., who raps on "Tik Tik Boom"; and Brit's little sis Jamie Lynn, who duets with Brit on "Chillin' With You."

Number of club bangers: 7
Throughout her career, Britney's provided fans with loads of party jams—and Britney Jean arrives chock full of 'em! Uptempo tracks include "Alien," "It Should Be Easy," "Tik Tik Boom," "Body Ache," "Til It's Gone," "Passenger" and of course the LP's banging lead single, "Work Bitch."

Katy Perry songwriting credits: 1
Britney Jean gem "Passenger" was written by Perry, Diplo and Sia. Diplo revealed that he was working with Perry on her Prism album, so it's possible "Passenger" was leftover from sessions for Perry's latest release.

References to wine: 2
In "Chillin' With You," the Spears sisters duet and reveal their prefered wine types: Red for Britney ("I danced so much til I was tired / I drank some red wine and now I'm walking on the sky"); White for Jamie Lynn ("I made it worth my while / I drank some white wine and now I'm walking on the sky").

Songs for fans of "Scream & Shout": 1
Fans who liked the collabo "Scream & Shout" will flip over "Body Ache." The song boats the same fusion of house and pop a la the duo's previous Top 5 single.

Number of chill-out tracks: 3
Brit's last studio album, 2011's Femme Fatale, had no ballads, but Britney Jean has three tender tracks. "Perfume," "Chillin' With You" and "Don't Cry" all slow down the tempo. (See our picks for Brit's 20 best ballads here.)

Songs for fans of Madonna's Ray of Light album: 1
British producer William Orbit found mainstream success in the late '90s by producing all five singles off of Madonna's critically-acclaimed Ray of Light LP. He's only worked with a select handful of artists since (mostly British pop stars), but on Britney Jean brings twinkling synths to the album's excellent opener, "Alien."

Self-deprecating comments Britney makes about herself: 6
We've always known Brit to be the one fierce mama, but the singer forewarned us Britney Jean would be her "most personal record yet." She makes seven serious digs at herself in three tracks:

"I always felt like a stranger in a crowd"—"Alien"
"I feel crazy"—"Perfume"
"I'm just insecure"—"Perfume"
"I'm paranoid"—"Perfume"
"I'm blind"—"Til It's Gone"
"So lost ever since you went away"—"Til It's Gone"

Stream the LP now over at iTunes!