November 4, 2013


Britney Spears' 20 Best Ballads: "Perfume," "Sometimes," "Not a Girl" & More

When Britney Spears unleashed "Work Bitch," the lead single off her upcoming album Britney Jean, it sounded like the record was shaping up to be a high-energy, EDM rave. But Brit threw listeners a curveball Sunday night with the release of the LP's second single, the tender "Perfume." The Sia-penned track is the first ballad that Brit has released since 2004's Top 20 hit "Everytime."

Over piano and subtle synths, Brit questions her lover's devotion and possible infidelity: "I hope I'm paranoid / That I'm just seeing things / That I'm just insecure." On other ballads, Brit has addressed motherhood ("My Baby"), growing up ("Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman"), dead-end relationships ("Why Should I Be Sad") and more.

We revisited Spears' 15-year-deep discography to rediscover the best of the best Britney ballads. Listen below and get the facts on Britney Jean in Fuse's complete guide to the album. And don't forget that Britney is battling Katy Perry to be named No. 1 video of the year in Fuse's Top 40 of 2013, vote now!