November 26, 2013


Busta Rhymes Drops "Thank You" Video ft. Lil Wayne, Kanye & Q-Tip

Not long after Busta Rhymes made a surprise appearance during A Tribe Called Quest's opening set for Kanye West's Yeezus Tour (allegedly Tribe's "final" show), Busta and Q-Tip are back together in a video for their funky-fresh track "Thank You."

The song has a sprightly funk riff and a cool, laid-back rhythm that sounds straight out of the '70s (although it actually comes from the 1982 Alicia Myers song "I Want to Thank You"). In keeping with that throwback feel, the video is heavy on split screens, a visual hallmark of the era between The Brady Bunch and Carrie.

Lil Wayne and Kanye are "featured" on this track but they act purely as hypemen—it's more like a cameo than a true feature, so don't expect any word wizardly from either. Be content to gaze upon their godly features instead while you watch it above.

Rhymes' collaborative mixtape with Q-Tip, The Abstract and The Dragon, drops 12/12. In the meantime, listen to the Alicia Myers jam this track heavily samples below.