Carrie Underwood's done the Beatles and she's done the Stones and now she's doing today's biggest hits—hilarious holiday style.

The blonde with the loudest pipes in country made a surprise appearance on the Thanksgiving episode of Late Night to help out with a sketch starring guest Rashida Jones and Jimmy himself. 

And it was epic.

From a Black Friday themed "Blurred Lines" (I hate these long lines. But there's some good buys) to a cheerful Santa-style "Hey Ho" (I believe you and you believe in me. I'm Santa Claus!) each parody's brilliant and adorbs. 

But one really takes the cake: Carrie's frustrated housewife take on "Wrecking Ball." 

With the help of the same amazeballs floating-orange-singing space kitten from Miley Cyrus' AMA performance (with a Pilgrim's hat, obvs) the country crooner channels her inner, angry "Before He Cheats" scorned woman and belts:

"You made me cook a butterball

I made you green bean casserole

And all you did was sit and watch football

And ignore all your family

Ignore your fa-a-mily"

Note to Carrie and co.: please lay these tracks down for real.

This is the best possible thing for those out there struggling to get through holiday dinners with the extended fam.